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Elevators - Domestic and public

In private homes, as well as public buildings, many find it difficult to use the stairs when they are going from one floor to another - get help with an elevator from Liftup. With an elevator, everyone can easily travel from floor to floor in both domestic surroundings and public buildings.

Supplier LIFTUP A/S
9530 Støvring

Classification 18 30 03 - 01

The product series contains 2 products.

Product 1 of 2
Motala 2000 (public)

HMI-no. 86841 
Registration date 18-02-2015 
Last updated 20-08-2015 

Lifting height, max 1300cm 
Load, max 500kg 

Product 2 of 2
Motala 2000 HOME (private)

HMI-no. 86840 
Registration date 18-02-2015 
Last updated 02-04-2019 

Length/depth 122cm 
Lifting height, max 1300cm 
Load, max 400kg 
Elevator cage width 87cm 
Door width 90cm 

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