Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and provisions for support, safety, and access for the home. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.

Stove Guard

The stove guard is a security product for the kitchen. The stove guard consists of a modern heat sensor that monitors the stove from above as well as a control unit which interrupts the power if a dangerous situation arises. The control unit is installed behind the stove or inside the kitchen cabinet next to the stove.

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Motus Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps with Dimmable LED Light, with Dim2Warm, where the Colour Temperature follows the Dimmer Setting. Avaliable in Black and White.

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Motus Task Lights

Task lights with various mounting (table base, table clamp, fixed mounting onto tabletop, and wall mount). Dimmable LED light with Dim2Warm. All models available in black and white, and some models with user-selectable colour temperature independent of dimmer setting.

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Oras Medipro touchless wash basin faucets

Oras Medipro touchless faucets are made with rounded shapes, so dirt does not easily settle in the corners. The handle for temperature control is designed as a wing, making it easy to operate. The touchless faucets are available in standard and XL sizes.

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Oras Clinica shower faucet

Oras Clinica shower faucet is equipped with ergonomic grips that make it easy to operate the faucet safely and easily. The scalding barrier increases the safety, as a key must be used to exceed the temperature limit of 38C.

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Oras Clinica wash basin faucet

Oras Clinica washbasin faucet with a slight upward loop lever, makes it easy for the user to operate the faucet - even with movement difficulties in the hands.

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Oras Care shower facuets

Oras Care shower thermostats are made with droplet-shaped levers that makes it easy to push both the volume and temperature control by hand if needed. The faucets are made with an integrated scalding barrier that must be pressed in to exceed a water temperature of 38C.

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Oras Care wash basin faucets

Oras Care armaturerne til køkken- og håndvask er lavet med et betjeningsvenligt, let opadgående greb, der gør armaturerne nemme at anvende. Det opadgående greb giver mulighed for, at skubbe til grebet i stedet for at trække i det.

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Oras Care kitchen faucets

The Oras Care faucets for kitchen and wash basin are equipped with a user-friendly, light upward turning lever that makes the faucets easy to use. The upward grip allows you to push the lever instead of pulling it.

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