Assistive products for self-care activities and participation in self-care

Products intended to support daily care of oneself, including washing and drying oneself, caring for one’s body and body parts, dressing, and protecting one’s body. Included are, e.g. assistive products for dressing and undressing, for body protection, for personal hygiene, for tracheostomy, ostomy and incontinence care and for sexual activity. Assistive products for eating and drinking, see 15 09.
09 03

Clothes and shoes

(644 product series)
E.g. outerwear (incl. coveralls), caps, gloves, blouses, trousers, skirts underwear, stockings, nightwear, bathing wear, bibs, shoes, anti-slip products for shoes, elastic shoelaces.

09 06

Body-worn assistive products for body protection

(122 product series)
E.g. helmets, hearing protection, elbow protection, wheelchair gloves, leg warmers, heel protection against pressure sores, hip protection.

09 07

Assistive products for body stabilization

(643 product series)
E.g., seatbelts, harnesses, positioning pillows and cushions.

09 09

Assistive products for dressing and undressing

(308 product series)
E.g. stocking aids, shoehorns, dressing sticks, zipper pullers, button hooks.

09 12

Assistive products for toileting

(500 product series)
E.g. commode chairs, raised toilet seats, toilet paper tongs, bedpans, douches and air dryers for attachment to a toilet, toilet splash guards.

09 15

Assistive products for tracheostomy care

(3 product series)
Devices used in connection with breathing through an artificial opening in the windpipe.

09 18

Assistive products for ostomy care

(14 product series)
E.g. ostomy bags, plates for ostomy bags, securing systems for ostomy bags.

09 21

Products for skin care, skin protection and skin cleaning

(20 product series)
E.g. skin detergents, lotionapplicators.

09 24

Urine diverters

(6 product series)
E.g. catheters, penile sheaths, urine chutes, products for self-catherization.

09 27

Assistive products for collecting urine and faeces

(68 product series)
E.g. urine collection bags, urine bottles, fastening devices.

09 30

Absorbing products to contain urine and faeces

(215 product series)
E.g. nappies, absorbent underwear, fixation underwear, hygienic underpads.

09 31

Assistive products to prevent involuntary urine or faeces leakage

(14 product series)
E.g. assistive devices for compression of the urethra, incontinence alarms etc.

09 33

Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering

(462 product series)
E.g. bathing stools, bathing stretchers, bath tubs, assistive products for drying oneself and for floating.

09 36

Assistive products for nail care

(47 product series)
E.g. nail brushes, nail files, nail scissors and clippers.

09 39

Assistive products for hair care

(32 product series)
E.g. shampoo trays, combs and hairbrushes, hair dryers.

09 42

Assistive products for dental care

(9 product series)
E.g. denture brushes and holders.

09 45

Assistive products for facial care

(8 product series)
E.g. enlarging mirrors and wall mounted mirrors.

09 54

Assistive products for sexual activity

(37 product series)
E.g. dummies, products for erection, vibrators, dilators.