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Assistive products for controlling, carrying, moving and handling objects and devices

Products intended to facilitate a persons performance of a task requiring the movement or manipulation of an object. Assistive products for transporting objects in workplaces, see 28 06. Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workplaces, see 28 09.

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CodeProduct group Skjul forklaringerQuantity
24 06Assistive products for handling containers
Openers and tube-squeezing keys.
24 09Assistive products for operating and controlling devices
Devices for operating and controlling equipment.
24 13Assistive products for controlling from a distance
Devices for enabling remote control and operation of electronic and electrical equipment within the living environment to enable independent living.
24 18Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or combination of these functions
Devices for grasping, grip adapters, body-worn holders, stands, operating sticks, pointing lamps, manuscript holders, and forearm supports.
24 21Assistive products for extended reach
Products for reaching objects at a distance.
24 24Assistive products for positioning
Devices for positioning objects close to the person to enable easy reach, e.g., supply trays on a tilting stand, rotating tables with compartments, switch and device mounting systems.
24 27Assistive products for fixation
Devices for fixing and securing objects in a position.
24 36Assistive products for carrying and transporting
Devices for helping to carry or transport objects for personal use.
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