Accessories for assistive products for distant communication

Included are, e.g. connecting units and signal transformers of an incoming message, keyboards for mobile phones, number presentation assistive products, receiver holders, receiver amplifiers. Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06. Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or a combination of these functions, see 24 18. Assistive products for fixation, see 24 27.
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Telephone aids

(1 product series)
Devices which are connected to the phone in order to make numbers and keys easier to read or devices mounted on the handset which makes it easier to hold the handset.

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Telephone amplifiers

(1 product series)
Amplifiers connected to a telephone in order to amplify the receiver signal.

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Telephone dialers

(2 product series)
Devices designed to enter and to call a selection of telephone numbers chosen by the user.