New design on AssistData

21-11-2019 of Sarah Kjær

AssistData is now in a new design. The new design has enhanced some functions to make them easier to use. Our focus has been on presentation, overview, and search function.

New on AssistData

From the front page, you can now access specific target groups and learn about various challenging situations when you have a specific disability. The target group entries contain suggestions to assistive products that can be useful in the various situations.

Visually the front page is simpler and gives you a quick overview of functions and contents.

The filtering function is enhanced. By filtering, you can narrow your search result so that see products matching your desires. Especially filtering on dimensions (measure) is now simpler.

All functions are now working on both smartphone, tablet, and computer.
If you have any questions or comments on the new editions of AssistData, please contact or by telephone +45 41 74 00 07 (Klaus Svane Olsen).