Products for tissue integrety grouped in AssistData

21-11-2017 of Mary Petersen

By grouping mattresses and seat cushions for tissue integrity in the same subclass we have provided an easier overview of the product area.

It has long been remarkable that some mattresses and seat cushions in AssistData were classified in Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity (04 33) while some identical or near identical mattresses and seat cushions were classified in either Mattresses (18 12 18) or Seat cushions (18 10 06). It has been rather inconvenient not to be certain to see all relevant products when searching for products for tissue integrity in the most obvious place. Therefore we have withdrawn the requirement of the supplier stating YES to the question on being able to present documentation on the prophylactic effect to have the product classified in 04 33. Consequently all products that the supplier describes as prophylactic have been moved to 04 33. In fact, a supplier must always be in possession of this documentation when marketing the product as a prophylactic assistive product. We hope that this has made it easier to search for mattresses and seat cushions for tissue integrity in AssistData.