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Low Speed Indoor Elevator - AluLet LSCI

HYDRO-CON Elevatorlift AluLet HC400PVK. Several platform sizes, also one that suits you. Shaft in anodized aluminum, painted or glass shaft with laminated safety glass. Can be set up on the floor, lifts up to 30 meters, Type Approved. Produced for the Danish climate. Placed just as well outside as inside. Minimal maintenance.

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LSCI AluLet Elevator (Low Speed Cabin Indoor)

The AluLet LSCI elevator lift is designed to be built into existing storey buildings where a lift solution is needed. For example, it can be incorporated as a replacement for a rear staircase, kitchen staircase or in the durchsicht (free space) of the stairway. LSCI is designed to be built-in where there is very little space.


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Length/depth 251.5 cm 
Lifting height, max 3000 cm 
Load, max 400 kg 
Elevator cage width 110 cm 
Door width 90 cm