Assistive products for measuring, stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions

Products that monitor or assess a person’s medical condition and products for stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions. Orthoses and prostheses, se 06. Assistive products for seeing, see 22 03. Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06. Assistive products for vocational assessment and vocational training, see 28 27.
04 06

Assistive products for supporting and stimulating blood circulation

(96 product series)
E.g. anit-oedema stockings and other compression units for managing circulation.

04 08

Assistive products for stimulating body control and conceptualization

(10 product series)
Garments that facilitate body posture and control or body conceptualization with even pressure.

04 09

Assistive products for light therapy

(4 product series)
Light sources intended to treat medical conditions.

04 19

Assistive products for administering medicines

(67 product series)
E.g. unit dose boxes, medicine dosers, tablet splitters.

04 24

Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials

(114 product series)
E.g. blood pressure meters, blood analyses equipment, body thermometers, personal scales.

04 26

Assistive products to enhance cognitive function

(33 product series)
E.g. therapy dolls and social robots, interactive games and equipment for cognitive training.

04 27

Stimulators for treatment on cellular and tissue level

(77 product series)
E.g. stimulators for mouth and face, vibrators for muscles, massage chairs, units and balls for foot massage.

04 28

Assistive products for stimulating senses

(257 product series)
E.g. daylight therapy lamps, tinnitus masks, weighted covers and clothing, chairs and other divices for sensory stimulation.

04 29

Assistive products for pain relief

(21 product series)
Equipment for pain relief by physiological manipulation or psychological distraction.

04 30

Assistive products for heat treatment or cold treatment

(35 product series)
E.g. heated cushions and covers, infra-red wrappings, cold packs.

04 33

Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity

(797 product series)
E.g. products to prevent pressure sores.

04 45

Assistive products for spinal traction

(3 product series)
Devices used to produce stretching of the spine.

04 48

Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training

(310 product series)
E.g. ergometer cycles, finger and hand exercise devices, balance boards and other training devices, biofeedbace devices, therapy tables, standing frames, tilting tables.