Assistive products for measuring, supporting, training or replacing body functions

Products that monitor or assess a persons medical condition, and products that support, or provide a substitute for, a specific body function.
04 06

Assistive products for circulation therapy

(97 product series)
Equipment for assisting circulation by passive or active compression.

04 08

Assistive products for stimulating body control and conceptualization

(10 product series)
Garments that facilitate body posture and control or body conceptualization with even pressure.

04 09

Assistive products for light therapy

(43 product series)
Light sources intended to treat medical conditions.

04 19

Assistive products for administering medicines

(68 product series)
Assistive products to control the rate and quantity of medicines administered. Included are, e.g. devices that assist or help the introduction of liquid medicines through the skin.

04 24

Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials

(118 product series)
Measuring instruments for monitoring body condition.

04 26

Assistive products for cognitive therapy

(39 product series)
Devices to assist in cognitive therapy, including doll therapy and memory stimulation therapy.

04 27


(130 product series)
Assistive products for increasing, decreasing or stabilizing body functions, through non-orthotic stimulators.

04 30

Assistive products for heat treatment or cold treatment

(34 product series)
Devices to produce heat or cold for therapeutic purposes.

04 33

Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity

(564 product series)
Products to prevent pressure sores and decubitus ulcers.

04 36

Assistive products for perceptual training

(173 product series)
Assistive products for training in the correct acquisition and mental processing of external stimuli (coming from sight, hearing and other senses).

04 48

Equipment for movement, strength and balance training

(293 product series)
Exercise and ergometer cycles, assistive products for walking exercise, finger and hand exercise devices etc.