Clothes and shoes

Included are, e.g. clothes and shoes for children. Making and maintaining textiles, see 15 15.
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(172 product series)
Clothing worn outdoors over other clothes to protect a person against cold, wind and all types of precipitation.

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(7 product series)
Caps and hats etc.

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Gloves and mittens

(51 product series)
Gloves and mittens for keeping hands warm.

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Blouses and shirts

(21 product series)
Tops for indoor wear, e.g. short and long sleeved blouses, shirts and jumpers.

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Jackets and trousers

(75 product series)
Jackets, vests and trousers.

09 03 21

Skirts and dresses

(9 product series)
Garments with skirt.

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(71 product series)
Including bodystockings, body warmers and bras.

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Stockings and socks

(57 product series)
Including, e.g. stockings and socks that protect the feet or wiht non-skid on the soles.

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(5 product series)
One- or two-piece suits to use at night while sleeping.

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Bathing wear

(22 product series)
Clothing for hydrotherapy and protective bathing pants etc.

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Bibs, aprons and scarfs

(51 product series)
Garments worn over the front of the body to protect clothing or the body from getting soiled.

09 03 42

Shoes and boots

(62 product series)
Shoes for dedicated use, like sport shoes and inlays etc.

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Anti-slip assistive products for shoes and boots

(12 product series)
Devices and materials fixed to footwear to prevent slipping.

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Buttoning devices and fasteners

(11 product series)
Zippers, elastic shoelaces, holders for aprons, strips made of nylon fabric that can be fastened to themselves (Velcro strips) and other products that can facilitate buttoning or fastening.